Our Team

The multidisciplinary team at EcoSwell is made up of young international and peruvian professionals who have a genuine concern for the development and wellbeing of vulnerable populations in Peru and the rest of the world in the face of the upcoming challenges due to climate change and the global economy.

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Alexandru Mardan

Strategic Management and Wellbeing

University of Ulster

Alex is an effective sports researcher and an advocate for mental and physical wellbeing through sustainable participation in sports and exercise. He is using his knowledge and experience in international sports management, to be instrumental in the governance and development of EcoSwell UK.

Edward Beardsmore


Newcastle University (UK)

Holder of a Masters degree in Mechanical engineering from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Edward has 5 years experience working in the Power sector on large and small scale projects. A successful entrepreneur who lends his expertise by volunteering and running EcoSwell UK. He is also a keen world traveler and surfer.

Michael Alderson

Director of Environmental Sustainability

Newcastle University (UK)

An environmental scientist/engineer, specialized in environmental and social sustainability in developing countries. He’s had work experience in African, Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian projects. Michael represents EcoSwell in the UK, designing projects and forming partnerships with institutions whose objectives are aligned with ours.

Rosie Al-Adwani


St. Andrew’s University

Having completed a dissertation on international volunteering in 2013 and travelled to Peru in 2007, Rosie is now a professional fundraiser, with experience working in the higher education and charities sectors. Within EcoSwell, Rosie works to promote the charity in the UK, especially in London, and develop our fundraising efforts and volunteer programme.

Tim Strange

Renewable Energy Specialist

Durham University

Tim is a Mechanical Engineer and an experienced consultant working within the Renewable Energy field. Tim's particular interest is in hybrid power systems, using wind, solar and energy storage to provide power to communities in developing countries. He also loves a good surf and travelling the world. Within EcoSwell he supports on the technical aspects of our projects.

Alejandro Pizarro

Research and Evaluation

PUCP - Political Sciences

Alejandro is a social project evaluator, public opinion researcher and local governance expert. In EcoSwell, he is in charge of social research and community relations. For the past six years, he has managed research projects for the public sector, private companies, international cooperation and academia in urban and rural areas in the three geographic regions of Peru.

Andres Bustamante

Marketing, Public Relations

Ryerson University - Marketing

Andres is a marketing and business strategy expert, with experience in both international agencies and corporations. Within EcoSwell he leads the marketing strategy and execution. His passion and energy are key in forming new alliances and overall organizational growth.

Diego Almendrades

Sustainable Development, Finances & Economy

ULima - Industrial Engineering

Diego has experience in creating, designing, implementing, managing and evaluating projects of triple return (social, environmental and economic) alongside communities. Apart from the organization’s finances, he is in charge of developing its strategic planning with a focus on sustainability.

Jorge Luis Villalobos

Fundraiser, Public Relations

ULima - Economy

Jorge Luis es un especialista en banca y finanzas con más de 5 años de experiencia en el Banco de Crédito del Perú. Su labor en EcoSwell es establecer alianzas estratégicas con empresas nacionales e internacionales a fin de asegurar la estabilidad económica de la ONG. Las relaciones corporativas y contactos que maneja en el medio local son claves para la organización de eventos y recaudación de fondos.

Sergio Cueva


PUCP - Laws

Sergio is a lawyer who specializes in natural resources, environment and social matters. Within Ecoswell, he helps the association in legal matters.