The following are EcoSwell’s existing projects, to which volunteers/research interns can apply and contribute to directly after being evaluated and accepted into our Volunteer/Research Internship Programme. Once accepted, objectives to be achieved during our volunteer’s stay, with defined results, will be set and agreed on. Different projects may require specialists from diverse disciplines.

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Productive Projects and

"United For Lobitos" Campaign

"Shared-value” initiative which seeks to solve the issues of lighting and sanitation in the artisanal fishing pier of Lobitos through sustainable technologies and financed via crowdfunding".

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Willipipe – Tide and Swell Charts for Fishermen

A productive tool created through participative methods to benefit the fishermen.

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Green Lobitos - Reforestation Project

Reforestation of public spaces in the Primavera neighbourhood through household waste and water reuse methods.

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Research projects and

On-going socioeconomic research in Lobitos

By undertaking focus groups, in-depth interviews and ethnographies, we have come to understand the local communities needs, informing the holistic development of our projects.

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Happiness and well-being evaluation in Lobitos

Survey made with the participation of 100 Lobitean’s from five different neighbourhoods. Quantitative analysis and development of well being indicators.

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Feasibility Study - Solar Energy in Lobitos

Project led by Mark Hazelton, EcoSwell volunteer and Renewable Energy Masters student at Newcastle University (UK), as part of his thesis.

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Water and sanitation

Conceptual Design - Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and productive reuse in Lobitos

This sustainable wastewater treatment plant design allows for the reuse of wastewater for irrigation of crops and aquaculture, whilst avoiding sewage contamination.

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Sustainable sanitation in Lobitos

Project developed in conjunction with ‘Engineers without Borders UK (EWB)’ to determine the feasibility of implementing public dry sanitation facilities to improve the town’s sanitation crisis.

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Project ideas in the pipeline

The following are EcoSwell’s project ideas which have been identified by our team as being necessary, but which are yet to be undertaken. We encourage volunteers/research interns to submit applications to develop these projects from the ground-up, contributing with the initial study, design and implementation phases. Such candidates will belong to various disciplines depending on the needs of the project. Applicants will include those working in academic research, PhD students and those looking to write their dissertations/thesis or university final year projects. Those who are looking to gain from specific volunteer/research intern work experience will also be considered.