The Programme

The aim of EcoSwell’s volunteer & intern programme is to complement our existing operations, driving the development of poor rural and semi-rural communities in northern Peru through a path of sustainability and in turn, transforming our volunteers into agents of change, at a time when they are much needed.

Our projects belong to a diverse range of disciplines, focussing on environmental, economic and/or social wellbeing and sustainability. These projects are integral for us as an organization in achieving our objectives of making positive impact in the community, whilst remaining financially sustainable as an organization.

The EcoSwell volunteer & intern programme includes:

  • Undergraduate/master’s/PhD’s/professionals/anyone seeking to carry out personal or university projects (dissertations, thesis’, final year projects, etc.) by working on our existing projects or by developing their own (with our assistance) or who just wish to volunteer, helping us with the daily running, administrative and activities of the NGO.

Just as we aim to drive sustainability in rural communities, we ensure that the ethics of our volunteer programme aligns with our commitment to promoting a sustainable development. By committing to focus on bringing skilled and relevant volunteers & interns, not only will we be more efficient in creating real positive change, but we will also build our organizations prestige. In turn, this attracts numerous and more relevant volunteers, whose visions are more aligned with ours.

“We spent 2 weeks collecting data and a few days in Lima meeting EcoSwell collaborators at the PUCP University of Peru and the Peruvian Institute of Studies. The trip was fantastic, we felt like part of the team and enjoyed getting to know Lobitos and its inhabitants. EcoSwell set up interviews for us and accompanied to help with translation, showed us around and made us feel welcome. Lobitos is an incredible place, and the EcoSwell team are extremely well placed to help the town to develop in a sustainable way which will preserve its security and tranquillity whilst improving livelihood opportunities and infrastructure provision in harmony with the environment, which is definitely needed." - Dr. Jen Hazelton, Social Scientist (EcoSwell volunteer - ‘The dynamics between stakeholders in Lobitos’ project)