Diversity breeds change

We are a group of young professionals belonging to different disciplines who believe in the need to merge diverse perspectives in order to achieve real sustainability

The multidisciplinary team at EcoSwell is made up young professionals who have a genuine concern for the development and wellbeing of Peru’s vulnerable populations in the face of the upcoming challenges due to climate change and the global economy. We believe in a conservation strategy that includes the sustainable use of natural resources, a bottom-up approach (based on the needs of the base of the pyramid) and the involvement of all stakeholders in the "eco-system" through shared value (Community - Public Sector - Private Enterprise - Nonprofit Organizations).

We call this strategy: "Full Bottom-up Immersion", in which we as developers submerge ourselves in the locality to ensure both the social viability and social legitimacy of our projects.

Our Vision

To live in a sustainable world, where the importance that is given to economic growth is also given to the intrinsic relationship that it shares with our precious environment and socio-cultural wealth.


The values that govern our work philosophy are listed below:

  • Innovation and diversity: We focus on innovation but always bearing in mind the relevance to each working environment, always respecting cultural diversity of every community and their associated differences.

  • Honesty and transparency: We act in an honest, open and transparent manner with all parties involved.

  • Teamwork and shared value: Teamspirit is ingrained in everything we do, internally and externally, and we always promote direct involvement of all concerned stakeholders.

  • Professionalism and fun: We demand of ourselves the highest standards of professional competence but also maintain a friendly and approachable environment.

  • Passion and creativity: We aim for excellence in everything we do as we keep in mind the meaning of our purpose and organization.